Thursday, 26 April 2012

Street Style Icon: Beth of B.Jones Style

This week we've been inspired by Beth of B. Jones Style.

Beth is your stylish best friend meets Carrie Bradshaw and that doesn't begin to do her justice.
Her outfits are inspired and thought out collections, showing just how great you can look with a little care and planning.

Fast becoming one of our favourite blogs, B.Jones Style is the epitome of fashion forward good taste.

Beth is really a visionary. Her outfits are accessible yet always unique. Add to that mix the fact that she always seems to exude fun and it's no wonder Beth is causing a stir in the mainstream media.

Here is some of our favourite looks of Beth's on B.Jones style.

Be inspired by Beth's sense of style and make your own mark.
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Miss Iny in the Media!

Colour us impressed! Here at Miss Iny, we're feeling super special. Want to know why?
Well, 2 of our most favourite bloggers, Anna and Nera, have recently featured some Miss Iny items on their blogs!

Anna & Nera are the kind of girls you want to be friends best friends with. They have amazing outfits, sense of style and just seem to sparkle and shine.

These girls look amazing in their Miss Iny outfits, here are some of our favourites

Check out Anna's blog here and Nera's here for some fashion inspiration.

Have YOU got any pictures in Miss Iny clothing, we'd love to see it! Just tag us on Facebook or email us at

Be inspired, shop Miss Iny <3 <3

Monday, 16 April 2012

Street Style Icon: Coury of Fancy Treehouse

If you love colour and all things bright and beautiful then you'll love Coury's blog, Fancy Treehouse.

A purveyor of all the finer things in fashion, coury really makes dressing fun.

Her blond hair is striking as is her colour choices and shilloutes, set against the bright, dry and inspired Californian terrain.

Coury perfectly pairs colours with muted tones and her accessories always tie together her outfits perfectly.

Below, is a collection of Coury's outfits. We love them so much we just had to share!

We've put together a collection inspired by Cour from the Miss Iny collection

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Street Style Icon: Mara of M loves M

M loves M started as a love letter. When the other M in Mara's life moved away and there relationship became long distance, their blog was a way of keeping in touch with the daily parts of there lives.

Now, 3 years later, M and M are married and the blog has blossomed into so much more!
There are recipes, DIY ideas and a daily look-book. 
It's Mara's look-book that gets us really excited

Mara is a buyer and stylist, something that shines through in her outfits! Her look is neat and thoughtful without ever trying too hard. Mara effortlessly blends on trend street fashion with thrifted finds and always looks amazing!

Miss Iny is full of clothes that would bring out the inner Mara in you all, and here is our pick!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Miss Iny in Corazon de Maniqui!

 Oh My! One of our favourite pieces in store at the moment, our Crop Sequin top with Palliettes was featured by the lovely Nerea in her blog Corazon de Maniqui!

Nerea's blog is one of our daily reads and we think she looks just divine in this Miss Iny Number!

Here are some of our favourite pics of Nerea in our Crop sequin top, and if you'd like to see more, you can read her blog here.

<3 <3 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

White Hot and To Die For!

White Hot and To Die For!

White Hot and To Die For! by missinyclothing featuring a studded jacket

With the weather heating up or cooling down, depending on which side of the world you're from, there's never been a more perfect time than to wear white!

Winter White or Spring Fling, white is an essential in every gals wardrobe.

It's is fun, versatile, sweet and and classic white can completely make and transform any outfit.

Why not accessories with white shoes and a clutch? Or, pop on a white party dress and pair it with bold accessories for a look that's bound to get you  noticed.

We've compiled a host of our favourite Miss Iny items and they are all White Hot and Ready to go!

If you need further inspiration, here are some of our favourite celebrities wearing our new favourite colour.

Be inspired, Shop Miss Iny. <3