Thursday, 26 April 2012

Street Style Icon: Beth of B.Jones Style

This week we've been inspired by Beth of B. Jones Style.

Beth is your stylish best friend meets Carrie Bradshaw and that doesn't begin to do her justice.
Her outfits are inspired and thought out collections, showing just how great you can look with a little care and planning.

Fast becoming one of our favourite blogs, B.Jones Style is the epitome of fashion forward good taste.

Beth is really a visionary. Her outfits are accessible yet always unique. Add to that mix the fact that she always seems to exude fun and it's no wonder Beth is causing a stir in the mainstream media.

Here is some of our favourite looks of Beth's on B.Jones style.

Be inspired by Beth's sense of style and make your own mark.
Shop inspired, Shop Miss Iny

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