Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New York Fashion Week (& Miss Iny) Swoon!

It's one of the hotest events on the fashion calendar and no matter where you are in the
world, you can still enjoy the magic that is New York Fashion Week.

From crazy to elegant, street to edgy; New York is a city about individuality and NY fashion week is a celebration of the same.

The above shot is a glimpse into the Thom Browne show, with a futuristic and totally outlandish approach to fashion. It's fun the way fashion is meant to be! Yet while the runway shows are certainly something to see some of the best fashion is not in venues, but rather on the streets.

The Sartorialist & Facehunter are just a few blogs to capture the looks on the streets of NYC. While we are swooning over lots of the outfits fashion lovers are doning, we are particular excited by the fact that the looks on the street can be replicated by pieces in the Miss Iny store.

  Check out this too cute look, as featured on the Sartorialist. Go through our webstore and you'll find pieces similar to make this look your own.

Be inspired by NY Fashion week, shop at Miss Iny

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